The American School of Nedicine is a bilingual online school accredited by the American Nedicine Accreditation Board. Nedicine is a branch of natural medicine based on quantum electrodynamics, the science of information as medicine. Essentially, Nedicine is a new and dynamic branch of medicine. Physicians of Nedicine diagnose patient risk factors through the body’s informational system and intervene appropriately to heal and prevent illness. Physicians of Nedicine are trained to correct information in the bio-cybernetic matrix of the human body.


American School of Nedicine’s mission is to administer education at an unprecedented level of excellence in the field of Nedicine to create competent, qualified doctors of tomorrow.


Our aim is to deliver:
- High standards of excellence and competence
- Innovative learning strategies spearheading the way for a dynamic branch of medicine


- Ethical Practices
- Trusted Advisors
- Expert Professors
- Flexibility


- Achieve excellence in graduate education to meet student and community needs.
- Create more business partnerships consistent with the School’s mission.
- Provide the best-in-class technology platform and information-based services.

The unique aspect of the American School of Nedicine is that it is the first school in the country to offer a doctorate degree program in Nedicine to English and Spanish speaking students. It is important to have competent doctors in the field of Nedicine. The objective of the American School of Nedicine is to ensure that students have had the proper education and abilities to be competent doctors of Nedicine. The purpose of the American School of Nedicine is to promote the field of Nedicine so that it gains widespread recognition and growth in the communities that it serves due to its prominence.