Message From the President

I reached into the billows of the law to give meaning to this long suppressed field, as the thick shadows in the augǔst dawn were dispelled; nature paused momentarily on the horizon before resuming its ascent
--Beverly P. Jackson

In an effort to protect consumers by raising awareness and protect Doctors of Ňedicine, who treat patients through natural means, the American Nedicine Licensing Board, Inc. (ANLB), represented by CEO and consumer advocate, Beverly Jackson, Ň.D., has relentlessly fought to protect the American people’s quintessential right to have access to a health care system that intrinsically guarantees treatment that absolutely excludes inorganic drug treatment and surgery.

Beverly Jackson, Ň.D., has had a passion for helping others achieve and maintain the best of health through natural means, and has been counseling others on how to do so for over 30 years. When she earned her doctorate degree, she, like many others, was frustrated with the lack of recognition, standardization, legal regulation and protection of the branch of natural medicine. Thus began the task of helping this immensely important health profession achieve its rightful place as a branch of healthcare available to all in the United States. Dr. Beverly Jackson was the first to see it (as per the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution) that a branch of medicine could be regulated on the federal level. Others wrongly assumed that the states were the only bodies with the authority to regulate a health profession.

Dr. Beverly Jackson felt that there was a need to have an educational institution to train the individuals who are licensed to practice Nedicine. Therefore, the American School of Nedicine was developed in 2010 to educate students in the science of information as medicine allowing them to be competent, qualified doctors of tomorrow. Dr. Beverly Jackson saw a need to establish the American Nedicine Accreditation Board with the heralding of the school, in order to set standards of excellence in education for the American School of Nedicine.