Question: What is Nedicine?
Answer: Nedicine is the new science of information as medicine in which, physicians are trained to correct altered information in the bio-cybernetic matrix of the human body. This new and dynamic branch of natural medicine, based on the art, science and philosophy of quantum electrodynamics, is distinguished from other disciplines by its innovative approach to medicine.

Question: What type of learning style does American School of Nedicine teach?
Answer: American School of Nedicine is the only school in the country to offer a problem based learning style that focuses on a whole body system in a Nedicine graduate program. The American School of Nedicine’s curriculum follows a sequential course of study, which continuously builds upon a student’s knowledge in Nedicine by integrating informational sciences and biological sciences. Instead of learning in fragmented pieces, the American School of Nedicine shows the student the picture in its entirety in order to disseminate the intensity of information.

Question: Can I obtain a license to practice in my state after I graduate?
Answer: American School of Nedicine is the only online alternative medical school whose graduates are able to obtain a license to practice legally in all 50 states.

Question: Are there other bilingual alternative medical schools that offer a doctoral degree in Spanish?
Answer: American School of Nedicine is the only bilingual alternative medical school offering a Doctoral graduate degree program in the US.

Question: Will I have a valid license after I graduate?
Answer: After completing a doctoral program in Nedicine, the graduate would be able to take the national board exam issued by the American Nedicine Board of Examiners and obtain a license from the American Nedicine Licensing Board to practice legally in all fifty United States of America and its territories. After a Doctor of Nedicine® is licensed, he/she will be able to apply for a health provider identification to be able to accept insurance from patients.

Question: Can I receive Financial Aid?
Answer: Yes, grants, scholarships and loans are available to those who qualify. Please specify on ASN’s Admission Application if you would like to apply.